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Anthony Burks Sr - Endangered Florida Wildlife - Art for Sale

Endangered Florida Wildlife - Art

We need foster home for Endangered Species piece, would you want to foster one of the piece or do you know a friend that would love to foster a piece? The plan is the following 1) the original drawings 30"x40"by Anthony are to be fostered out temporarily (rented) to foster homes & businesses. That fee is $1500. The foster home also receives a giclee limited edition of one of the 13 images. The purchase piece is $3800. The $1500 is subtracted from the $3800 if the foster parent chooses to buy in March. 30% of sale is going to be split between three Florida Sanctuaries & Environmental organization already chosen. That 30% is tax deductible. The $1500 covers, framing, the giclee print & advertising for that foster parent & that piece of work. 2) Looking for sponsors for giclee prints. The limited edition of each species are 100 prints each. 25 of the prints from the series of giclees sponsored by the (let's say the Zoo) will be theres for the contributions. The concept for Anthony Burks to do the Endangered Florida Wildlife series stemmed from a recommendation from art historian Mary Jo Aagerstoun. She asked Anthony why he was only producing African animals & not Florida animals since he is from Florida. She mentioned that there are so many endangered wildlife & plant life that need a visual artist point of view. So after doing some research, on one of the local wildlife rehabilitation sanctuaries, (Busch Wildlife Sanctuary) and several different plant and wildlife that are in danger of being extinct, Anthony decided to execute several different artistic renderings of different endangered Florida animals. One of the discoveries in his research was that Busch too is not doing well financially. There are many needs for this organization to help the animal & plant kingdom to flourish.

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